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Calulo Risk Management Services (CRMS) is an African focused business and operational risk management company. The company has quickly become a leading, independent provider of risk and crisis management services. Operating from their head office in Cape Town and having associated offices in Europe, CRMS has substantial experience and a worldwide client base, including governments and non-government organizations, international agencies, and the multinational corporate sector as far away as Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

CRMS is a solution focused consultancy firm that provides a broad range of Risk Management services within a structured framework that enable clients to manage risk and critical incidents.

CRMS’s focus is centered on:

  • Identifying the threats and risks
  • Evaluating the impact if the threat materializes or risks occur
  • Putting appropriate plans in place to ensure that critical functions continue in a timely manner

Contact Details

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Research and Intelligence

CRMS are able to deliver a range of geopolitical intelligence; threat assessment and investigative services, tailored to the specific requirements of corporate, institutional and government clients. This is carried out through detailed analysis of the key drivers of geopolitical stability and the security situation pertaining to those countries of interest. The assessments are based on the implications of local and regional geo-economics, the domestic political situation, international relations and specific local threats, providing a vital tool for those considering acquisitions and investments, or intending to establish or maintain a staff or asset base in that country.


CRMS is a class leader in the provision of a wide range of technical surveillance and security solutions in a variety of disciplines. The consultants have a wide range of operational experience in high-risk environments against hard-line terrorists and organized crime. Communications systems are secure and the evidence gathering systems are the most advanced available.

CRMS has been providing high-risk global crisis & risk management services for many years. We can provide specific security training & services for high-risk areas around the world. We train, assist & detach people worldwide. If it is maritime, air or ground support you need, you can count on CRMS to deliver the specific security you need! They have set the industry standard for personalized & highly skilled training, assessment, planning & protection at every level throughout the enterprise, serving multinational corporations, small & mid-sized businesses, individuals, governmental agencies & non-profit organizations. To make sure that we meet up to the highest levels of corporate planning & Management, we are ISO 9001/2008 certified.

To maintain this quality standard they operate inter alia in accordance with the following standards:

  • ICOC (International code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers)
  • SAMI (Security Association for the Maritime industry)
  • IMO (International Maritime Organization)
  • BIMCO Guardian (Baltic & International Maritime Council Contract for PMSC).

CRMS provides a commercially focused and innovative approach to security and risk management through distinct but complementary divisions, research and intelligence, security operations and technical services and support. This allows us them offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year comprehensive advice to all their clients on all aspects of security and risk – from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to crime and counter- terrorism.

CRMS’s major strengths lie in its focus on Africa and its peoples, and in managing the client and company interface in the most effective manner. Our considerable experience in this region, close ties with international organizations and local communities, assists us in maintaining an understanding of the current market  and associated risks.