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Enterprise Development

A key focus area of the Calulo Foundation is the ongoing support of Enterprise Development Projects (EDP). The foundation takes a hands-on approach to understanding all the projects with the aim of achieving the following:

  • Assisting or accelerating development
  • Financial Independence and Sustainability
  • Operational Independence

Our Enterprise Development Strategy includes:

  • Capacity Building and initiating income-generating activities for purposes of enterprise development.
  • Creation of strategic partnerships within and outside the Calulo Investment Group, for enterprise development opportunities.
  • Modelling and piloting of enterprise development projects.
  • Consultation on training programmes and expertise to ensure project success.

The main objectives of our Enterprise Development Strategy:

  • To promote the economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals
  • To support economic projects through capacity building and provision of mentoring support
  • To provide financial assistance to micro enterprises and other economic efforts
  • To establish strategic alliances with agencies and organisations which advance the growth of small businesses

Zandi’s Angels

Recycling Project
Zandi’s Angels Home started a recycling project to help them generate income to pay for some of the orphanage expenses. They collect cans and plastic containers throughout the month and sell them at the end of every month. The project operates within the Boksburg area.

The Foundation support includes:

  • Assistance with governance matters related to the project.
  • Networking on behalf of Zandi’s Angels for the expansion of the business
  • Business development advisory services
  • Provision of recycling bins that are stationed at the Calulo offices in support of the project


Used Oil Recycling
Used oil recycling has recently become part of Zandi’s Angels business initiatives, in partnership with FFS Refiners, which is South Africa’s leading processors of industrial furnace fuels, wood preservatives and specialized hydrocarbon products. Calulo Investments’ major ambition is to see the historically disadvantaged individuals being exposed to, and playing a vital role in the petrochemical and renewable energy sectors. As a majority shareholder of FFS Refiners, Calulo Investments, through the Calulo Foundation, took the initiative to start an enterprise development program with FFS Refiners, with Zandi’s Angels as the beneficiary.

Project implementation assistance from FFS Refiners includes:

  • Assisting with Zandi’s Angels compliance documentation and processes
  • Providing Used Oil Tanks
  • Providing transportation for collection
  • Direct trade with FFS Refiners
  • Providing oil verification implements.

People Helping People

People Helping People (PHP) is a Boksburg-based feeding scheme initiative that reaches out to the poor Boksburg community members who are struggling to feed themselves on a daily basis. The project supplies food parcels on a monthly basis to families residing in seven different highly poverty stricken areas of Boksburg. The beneficiaries are estimated at over 165 individuals, residing in the following areas: Sonop Caravan Tented Park, Fairwings Caravan and Tented Park, Bush Informal settlement, Small Holdings Caravan and Tented Park, Elderly of Scribante Apartments, Station informal settlement and Zandi’s Angels, the orphanage that the Foundation already assists. People Helping People has a storage house, where all the groceries are packaged and then transported and distributed to the various areas.

Foundation support
The Foundation assists PHP with funding proposals as well as a monthly contribution towards purchasing of food supplies. The Foundation office is also actively involved in the monthly food parcels distribution processes.

Garden in a Bucket Project
People Helping People run a gardening project where buckets are packaged with all vegetable gardening implements and sold to local communities and companies. This is an income generating initiative to sustain the activities of the organization.

Hydroponic Gardening
This is an additional gardening initiative by PHP where they grow vegetable plants in water filled with nutrients and enriched liquids. This method of soil-less gardening helps speed up the process of vegetable production therefore ensuring increased productivity and supply for clients. The vegetables are packed and sold to local clients like NGOs, local business, hotels and companies.

House of Resurrection

Siyavuna Tyre Recycling Project
The Siyavuna project is an initiative of the House of Ressurection which is aimed at generating income to further sustain the Home. This project started in March 2014, initially focusing on old tyre recycling for the production of bags, but has advanced into producing other goods like, wallets, fruit baskets, mats, etc. This is a business initiative of the Home, it is registered as a separate income generating entity, fully managed by the House of Ressurection team and monitored by a Board. This initiatives has created employment for three community members. The Home has agreements with local tyre businesses for the supply of the needed raw material. All the activities of the business are within the House of Resurrection premises.

Sibongile Day and Night Centre

Renewable Energy Business Initiative
Calulo Foundation is currently in the process of establishing and registering an income generating entity for Sibongile Day and Night Care Centre. The project includes the selling of solar energy products. Negotiations with some relevant Calulo Investments Group partner companies are underway for the initiative to take off.

Ngqushwa Special Needs Services Centre

Beading Project
Ngqushwa Special Needs Services Centre is a day care facility for the elderly, and has been implementing a beading program as one of its recreational programmes for the grannies. Based on this history, the project is now selling its beadworks and currently designing a bracelet which will also be sold and used as an instrument to campaign against abuse of older persons. People will be encouraged to buy and wear these bracelets to show support in protecting and caring for older persons.

Enterprise Development Collaborations

Calulo Foundation and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA):

Calulo Foundation and Sunpower:

Calulo Foundation and Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA):