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FFS Refiners is the largest supplier of industrial heating fuels in South Africa. The Company markets products for a wide variety of uses, including glass and brick making, steam raising in boilers, billet re-heating, baking, incineration, laundry, road-mix heating, lime kilns, sand and stone drying. FFS Refiners currently has over 250 customers who collectively consume more than 300 000 tons of fuel oil per year.

The Company’s head office is situated in Durban. There are five process plants and seven storage depots are situated throughout South Africa.

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The processing facilities utilise a full range of technologies from thermal evaporation, static separation, low and high-speed centrifugation, filtration, blending, distillation, hydrogenation and cracking in order to achieve a wide range of products to exacting specifications.

All branches operate under stringent environmental management systems and are ISO 14001 accredited. Internal quality management systems are also in operation to ensure that all products consistently comply with the laid down specifications.


FFS offers a range of services to complement their comprehensive product supply. As they are essentially in the energy supply business, they provide a full supply chain and technical services support as well as essential equipment necessary for the successful utilisation of their heating fuels.

The services offered by FFS include:

1. Energy Management

  • Fuel selection advice
  • Energy surveys
  • Energy costing
  • Tank level measurement and management

2. Fuel Reticulation Systems

  • Engineering design
  • Fabrication shop
  • Customer installations
  • Electric heaters
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Instrumentation
  • Spares

3. Customer Technical Support

  • Fuel reticulation system inspection and maintenance.
  • Combustion efficiency.
  • Burner optimisation.
  • Slops recovery.

Transport Logistics

FFS owns and operates a fleet of over 50 long distance road tankers and a further 20 short distance vehicles for the collection and delivery of fuel oils. The Company strategy is to move approximately 70% of their raw materials and products and only a small percentage is moved by contractors. This gives them greater flexibility and control over scheduling and provides improved security of supply.

The FFS vehicles operate out of five different centres across South Africa providing national coverage. They also run four vehicle maintenance workshops to keep their rigs in exceptional working order.

FFS is a SABS-registered tanker manufacturer, building to SANS 1518. As such, their vehicles comply with international standards of design and safety. Each tanker is purpose designed for the product to be transported to ensure maximum cost effectiveness and trouble-free operation. For example FFS has designed and built tankers for the transportation of coal tar with a high solid content. These units were designed with internal screw conveyors to enable the material to be fully unloaded without blockage when settlement occurs.

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