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Oiltanking Grindrod Calulo (OTGC) is a joint venture between Oiltanking, as the leading partner with a 46% shareholding, Calulo Terminals holding a 20,5% stake, Grindrod holding a 30,5% stake, and the remaining 3% shareholding being held by Adopt-A-School.

Oiltanking, one of the world’s leading independent storage partners for oils, chemicals, gases and dry bulk, is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls AG, Germany, a leading petroleum company. Oiltanking is the second largest independent tank storage provider for petroleum products, chemicals and gases worldwide. The company owns and operates 73 terminals in 22 countries within Europe, North and South America, Middle East, India as well as Asia. Oiltanking has an overall storage capacity of 20.2 million cubic meters.

Through direct holdings via Calulo and an indirect holding via Grindrod South Africa, the joint venture is a fully empowered entity with a level 2 empowerment classification.

Oiltanking Grindrod Calulo is committed to the safe and efficient operation of its facilities. Our goal is to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illness and to protect the environment.

OTGC Services Include:

  • storing and handling bulk liquids
  • building and operating multi- and single user tank terminals
  • managing logistic infrastructure
  • providing uncommon customer service along with high operational integrity