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1. Outsourced Fund Management

The Calulo Foundation offers an integrated, comprehensive grant management service right from project inception, strategy, to full implementation and administration.

This service includes:

Strategy Development

  • Identification of strategic objectives
  • Assessment of community needs
  • Identification of beneficiaries
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Project implementation plan
  • Field work and site visits
  • Capacity building
  • Project reporting

Administration and financial Management of Funds

  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of donor funding
  • Banking
  • Planning and managing cash flow and disbursements
  • Management oversight of Trust account
  • Financial record keeping and preparation of financial statements
  • Coordination of Trustees meetings and reporting
  • Capturing Trustees meeting minutes and resolutions.

2. Networking and Resource Mobilisation

Most non-profit organisations depend on donors as a source of funding to run their organisations and projects. With all the competition for donor money and resources, being creative on ways to raise finds is important to allow the organisations to be independent, sustainable, and powerful, and to have all the necessary means to achieve its autonomy and development

The many networks that have been created by the Foundation assist in Resource Mobilisation and the enhancement of the Calulo Foundation profile as a whole. They assist in:

  • Forming partnerships with both public and private sectors.
  • Resource mobilization for project capacity building both within and outside Calulo networks.
  • Research for fundraising opportunities and submission of proposals.
  • Fundraising events
  • Development and implementation of resource mobilization models.

3. Advisory Services: Compliance and Governance

The Foundation through consultations with the Calulo Investment Legal unit, is able to:

  • Facilitate the process for companies to obtain BEE requirements for Socio-Economic Development.
  • Research and keeping up to date with the amendments and developments of regulation to ensure project compliance.

Monitor project functionality and ensure that all administrative and founding documentation is in order.