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Calulo Investments is very cognisant of the many challenges facing South Africa, and its responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and continuously contribute towards the progress of communities, and the country as a whole. A proudly South African organization, Calulo Investments has tasked the Calulo Foundation with the responsibility of positively contributing to Socio-Economic Development (SED) in the country.

The Foundation believes in not only providing financial support to our selected projects, but also in:

  • Imparting transferable skills,
  • Enabling access to the workplace.

Imparting transferable skills ensures that beneficiaries have lasting economic value, while enabling them to access the workplace means that they in turn accrue experience thus making them more valuable to the economy.

These two priorities ensure that socio-economic development is sustainable, resulting in better-equipped, more valuable contributors to the economy. The Foundation’s philosophy is borrowed from the saying “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a life time”.

The Foundations Socio-Economic Development activities/contributions include:

  • Direct costs incurred by a company in assisting beneficiaries
  • Overhead costs of a company that are directly attributable to Socio-Economic Development contributions
  • Provision of training or mentoring to beneficiary communities which will assist them to increase their financial capacity
  • Payments made by a company to third parties to perform social development on its behalf
  • Developmental capital advanced to beneficiary communities

Nqgushwa Special Needs Services Centre

Ngqushwa Special Needs Services Centre is a Day Care facility providing services to the elderly. Situated in the Amathole District, Eastern Cape, this centre was established as a result of the community’s need to protect and care for neglected and abused elderly. The centre started operating from May 2003, providing daily care and support services in a protective environment where the elderly are able to socialize, go out now and then, engage in physical exercise and other extra mural activities like, knitting and gardening. In addition to these, the centre also provides psychological and emotional counselling as a result of a need identified from home visits. The professional care-givers provide care and administer medication to the elderly who are picked up and dropped off daily with transport provided by the centre. There are currently 29 older persons cared for at the centre, and 18 frail old persons who receive professional home-Based care.

Foundation Support

The Foundation provides financial assistance to the centre on a monthly basis. This contribution goes towards purchase food supplies for those elderly persons who are at the centre, and those who receive home based care. The finds also go towards expenses like the salaries of caregivers, petrol for the bakkie that transports the elderly, as well as other maintenance needs of the centre. The Foundation continues to assist the centre on governance matters and project management activities.

Zandi’s Angels Orphanage and Day Care Centre

Zandi’s Angels, as an orphanage, cares for 23 children who were victims of abuse and neglect. The project was founded on a basis of a needs that was identified in the Boksburg North area, which is hit by poverty, abuse and neglect of children. The Orphanage provides meals, educational support resources like, school uniforms, books, bus tickets and school transport as well as emotional and psycho-social support to these kids. There are a lot of sporting activities and other fun related programs that the home provides for the children. The home has women caregivers who reside in the premises and provide 24 hour parental care to the children.

The Zandi’s Angel’s Day care centre is a an ECD project, qualified and approved to function as such. It runs from 7am to 6pm, by qualified Caregivers and Program implementors. This was Zandi’s first community outreach program, because she used to collect abondened children from the streets, care for them during the day, without any charge. As the project grew, there was a demand for her to have both a day care and night care centres

Foundation Support

The Foundation has taken the responsibility of providing administrative support to the project, as well as a monthly financial contribution towards a Boksburg feeding scheme, which provides monthly groceries to Zandie’s Angels.

Home for HIV/AIDS Vulnerable Children

The House of Resurrection Children’s Home is an NPO in Salsoneville Township near Port Elizabeth, South Africa. House of Resurrection originally was a health facility that provided end of life care for the poorest of the poor, especially people infected with HIV/AIDS. Mothers and fathers who spent their last days at the House often came with their children. As these parents died, children were left behind in our care. Due to a change in law, children and adults were no longer allowed to share the same care facility. The last adult patients left House in 2009, after alternative placements had been found. Because House of Resurrection already cared for orphans infected or affected by AIDS/HIV, others sought them out to take on additional vulnerable children.

Early Childhood Development

House of Resurrection also provides pre-primary school education to children from the immediate townships. Bongolethu Pre-Primary School is a resident playschool, built to address the needs of the kids of the House of Resurrection who are not yet ready for formal school. In 2011, the project opened doors of the Playschool to local children as well.   There are qualified teachers and caregivers who implement all accredited ECD programs. While providing professional pre-primary education to the kids, the playschool allows for international and local students to come and do their in-service training within the playschool and the House.

Foundation Support

The Calulo Foundation assisted in building the Bongolethu Playschool for House of Resurrection in 2011, accommodating 25 children daily. The Foundation has also continued to provide financial support every month, as well as occasionally gifting the children with clothing and toys. In addition to this, the Foundation continuously provides technical support, monitors the House’s regulatory status, as well as assist in compiling documentation for promotional and fundraising purposes.

Sibongile Day and Night Care centre

The Sibongile Day and Night Care centre was established based on the personal experience of the founder, who had given birth to a child with Cerebral Palsy. Despite the challenges that came along with caring for a child with such disabilities, the founder decided to open a caring centre for children who had the same disabilities as her own child. The centre started with 10 children, in a small two bedroom house, with no funds in. In 2005, the centre was registered, it continued to grow and started operating from two containers which were donated. Sadly the Founder’s daughter passed on at a later stage, but the work continued, and the project expanded, there is now a day care centre at Phakamisa and 3 residential homes in Ilitha Park, Khayelitsha. The 3 residential homes care for 37 disabled children, whilst the Day care centre in Phakamisa provides day care services to disabled children from surrounding community and some children who reside in the three homes.

The Day care centre caters for up to 20 children, who are provided with care, basic education and therapeutic programs. The children are also fed, bathed, receive physical therapy, taken to hospitals on appointments, from Monday to Friday- 7:30am to 4pm., whilst the residential homes are operational, providing same service 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Foundation Support

The Calulo Foundation has assisted the Care Centre through the purchase of a 14-seater Quantum bus. The foundation also gives technical assistance towards the project through site visits, project monitoring and creation of strategic partnerships for capacity building.

People Helping People: Feeding scheme and Food Parcel Distribution

People Helping People (PHP) is a Boksburg-based feeding scheme initiative that reaches out to the poor Boksburg community members who are struggling to feed themselves on a daily basis. The project supplies food parcels on a monthly basis to families residing in seven different highly poverty stricken areas of Boksburg. In addition to this, PHP also feeds over 150 people on daily basis, from Monday to Friday.

Foundation Support

The Foundation assists PHP with Funding proposals, as well as a monthly contribution towards purchasing of food supplies. The Foundation is also actively involved in the monthly food parcels distribution processes